Life Coaching
Holistic Wellness Counselling

The purpose of life is experiencing joy in following the energy. Whether you are seeking to find a clear-cut solution or you need support through an emotional turmoil, Whether you desire to manage your life more effectively or you would like to find out about opportunities and new possibilities in your life. Practicing your presence with support of a life coach or a wellness counsellor can help you.

Areas that I am informed as a counsellor:
Wellness counselling,
Life coaching,
Coaching with a taste of therapy, Mindfulness,
Immigration counselling and well-being,
Somatic therapy, Spiritual counselling,  Trauma counselling, Emotional counselling, Emotional release practice, Core energetic therapy,
Family therapy, Employment counselling, Dialectical behavioral therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Narrative therapy, 
Addiction counselling,
Couple’s counselling, Youth counselling, Eating disorder, Grief process therapy and
daily life human experience counseling

Life Coaching/
Wellness Counselling
session with Nogol

60 minutes


Life Coaching session with Nogol

90 minutes


One month of
Life Coaching/
Wellness Counselling

four-60 minutes sessions


Testimonials from our google review

Your precious words

I am so grateful to have met Nogol. She is warm, empathetic, and I felt understood. She immediately made me feel I was at the right place and didn't need to look for any other coach. She knows how to create a safe environment and it was very easy to share. She helped me to understand my emotions, face some challenges, and move forward. She is such a great coach. I highly recommend her!

Nogol provided a loving space for me to show up for myself. Although our sessions were on Zoom, they were informative and helpful for me to understand myself in so many levels. I found her capable, flexible and present with me. Yes! she is highly recommended to work with.

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I am offering a safe space for you to feel your feelings and experience the magic of this present moment.